*The following is from the CYO Rules of Competition. The entirety of these rules can be found here.


SECTION 1. In order to participate in the athletic program sponsored by the CYO, each member must be registered with the school or parish they represent and the regional CYO Office.


SECTION 2. Being registered means that an individual CYO member has on file with the regional CYO Office a completed, current CYO registration/parent release form giving his/her name, address, school or parish, date of birth, and signature of a parent attesting to the physical condition of the member. (Current is a school year that falls within the dates of June 1 through May 31 of that particular school year.) Both the member and the parent must sign the form attesting to the accuracy of the information. A complete official CYO roster form giving the member’s name, address, and date of birth must be received by the regional CYO office to complete the registration.


SECTION 3. All contestants in the grade school program must be within the age limit as of September 1st of the current school year hereinafter set forth. a. Any child who has reached the third (3rd) grade by September 1st of the current school year will be eligible to participate in athletics b. In the third grade, a child must not have reached his/her tenth birthday; Fourth grade – Eleventh; Fifth grade – Twelfth; Sixth grade – Thirteen; Seventh grade – Fourteen; Eighth grade – Fifteen.; High School – Nineteen c. AGE REQUIREMENT HARDSHIP APPEAL – (exceeding age requirement only) – The Executive Board may waive provisions of the age requirement rule, provided, through a personal interview of the student and parent(s), the following criteria are met: 1. A maximum of one year (12 months) from (b.) listed above will be considered except for football. Football, there shall be a maximum deviation of 5 months (March 1 in lieu of August 1). 2. Hardship letter of request must be submitted by the parent(s) and the specific sports must be identified. 3. Student’s physical or mental maturity would not take advantage of or jeopardize the health and safety of other participants. 4. If the executive board declares the student eligible, he or she shall be eligible upon notification and ONLY for the sports programs approved.


SECTION 4. All contestants participating in the grade school CYO program must be members of the parish or attend the parish school of the parish they represent. a. For Territorial Parishes, those residing within the boundaries of the parish b. For National Parishes, those of the particular nationality who reside within the diocese and are not subject to boundaries. c. If a player starts the schedule with a parish team and later moves out of the parish, then he/she may complete the season with the parish provided he/she has played at least three games while still a resident thereof, or he/she may transfer to the team of his/her new parish. d. If a student(s) and parent(s) are not members of the parish or the student(s) does not attend the parish school but the parent(s) is employed by the parish, the parent(s) may seek a waiver of the parish membership or school attendance requirement by appeal to the Executive Board. The parent(s) must submit in writing the request to the executive board. Any student declared eligible shall be considered in attendance of the parish school and/or a member of the parish in which the parent(s) is employed. e. If a student is not a registered member of the parish or parish school, he or she may still participate in CYO as an “Unaffiliated Participant” provided the following requirements are met: 1. The child is sponsored by the parish, meaning that he or she is approved by the Pastor and Director of Sports Ministry (Athletic Director) to be placed on a parish team. 2. The child or parents/guardians must live within the boundaries of the parish sponsoring that child or have an alternate parish approved as part of the application and review process (below). 3. The child/parents complete the application for unaffiliated participation as provided by CYO online or via hard copy. Application must include signature approval by the Director of Sports Ministry and Pastor of the sponsoring parish. 4. The application must be approved by the Faith & Spirit Committee of the CYO Executive Board. This approval may be done buy electronic means, or the Committee may request an in-person hearing if necessary.”


SECTION 5. Any child who otherwise meets all requirements of eligibility but is prohibited from competing due to the failure of his/her parish to field a team may submit his/her name to the CYO office for assignment to another parish team for competition before deadlines for each sport as set forth by the Executive Board and shown on the official CYO calendar. a. A student assigned to an outside parish for participation is considered a member of that parish only for the activity requested and granted for the remainder of his or her elementary school CYO participation. If the parish in which the student is a member and or attends the parish school provides a team for the student to participate; the student will have a one-time option to remain with the assigned parish or return to the student’s home parish. b. For participation in the CYO Football program, individuals joining outside parish teams or parishes combining to form a team shall occur at the discretion of the Executive Director and require his or her consent in addition to the consent of both parish Director of Sports Ministry involved. These situations will be reviewed to assure that a move is made in the best interest of the child and is appropriate based on geography, parish/team composition and any extenuating circumstances. Children beginning play on an outside parish team during their first year of participation shall thenceforth have the option of participating with that team during the remainder of his or her participation in that CYO sport. Should participants’ original parish field a team in subsequent years; the participant(s) shall also have a one-time option to return to that team that shall be binding in future years.

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