The list below covers answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding our CYO Basketball schedules. This includes the process of setting up teams, determining divisions, and creating schedules. Hopefully this helps answer your questions. If you have more, you can always contact us in the CYO Office at (913) 384-7377! We look forward to seeing you on the courts this year!


What grades of CYO Basketball are offered?


CYO Basketball is offered for grades 3-12. Separate “leagues” exist for our Grade School Basketball program (GSBB) and our High School Basketball program (HSBB).


How are Grade School Basketball teams formed?


GSBB teams are formed by parishes under the direction of the parish Athletic Director and (usually) the parish Basketball Coordinator. Each parish holds sign-ups in the fall and all participants are required to register online prior to participating on teams. At parishes with multiple teams in a grade, teams in the 3rd and 4th grade levels are split up evenly, while teams in 5th thru 8th grade are evaluated and players split into teams by ability level. This is done to assure that all kids are matched against like opponents as much as possible, which helps facilitate a fun environment where kids can grow and develop their skills at the pace that is right for them.


How are High School Basketball teams formed?


HSBB teams are formed entirely by the boys and girls interested in participating. As such, all interested high school students should work with friends to join a team already formed or form a new team. Once a team is formed, the boys or girls must find a parish to sponsor the team. The parish then collects the HSBB “Team Fee” and submits all required coach and player information to the CYO Office. The parish may provide gym time for team practices as available.


Can teams submit schedule requests?


Yes, teams are allowed to submit as many requests or conflicts as needed prior to each season. The deadline for schedules requests for CYO Basketball is in mid-November when team rosters are due. All requests must be submitted to your Athletic Director, who will forward them to the CYO Office along with the requests of all other parish teams. While we work hard to accommodate all requests, special priority is given to parish and school events that affect teams, followed by conflicts that require an entire team be absent and unable to participate in a CYO game. Personal coach or player conflicts are considered, but given the high volume and priority of parish and school activities note that we may not be able to accommodate these.


What are the orange bracelets I keep seeing on kids?


The Champion of Virtue bracelets honor a child from each team after every game who demonstrated great virtue during practice and games that week. Gym supervisors distribute these to coaches prior to each game and the team’s coach is free to use these as an award after the game or at the team’s next practice. Detailed information on this program can be found by here!


How are game scores posted online?


Gym supervisors are asked to compile scoresheets from games, then email game scores to the CYO Office following the completion of games each Saturday. The original scoresheets are then dropped in the mail to CYO via a business reply envelope provided to the parish.


New in 2015, we are beginning a transition to a system that would allow coaches to quickly enter scores following games, so that results can be immediately updated online. Each coach will receive an email at the conclusion of his or her game at the email address provided to CYO at the beginning of the season. That email has a quick link to enter the game score. Once both coaches enter the score, that score will be “live” online and standings updated accordingly. If there is a discrepancy in reported scores, a message is kicked back and we refer to the score posted by the gym. Stay tuned as we move forward toward a more efficient way to post scores!


How are teams placed in divisions for the season?


For the 3 week CYO Basketball Preseason in December, teams are placed in the divisions requested by their parish Athletic Director. On the Monday following the final preseason games, the CYO Basketball Seeding Committee meets to set division placement for the regular season. This committee includes a representative from each parish who spends the preseason watching games and reviewing statistics from each team. At the committee meeting, all representatives go over each team one-by-one to assess their placement and move them “up” or “down” divisions based on the team’s ability level and where they best fit. A variety of variables are taken into account here, but rest assured each team is well represented and no topic goes overlooked in determining your team’s placement. If you have any questions about your regular season placement, your parish representative is your best resource. He or she is involved in the discussion for each team and brings knowledge about teams from an individual parish as well as particular grades and divisions. The committee makes all decisions together and these decisions are considered final. This process repeats itself in early February, where regular season results and experience are used to determine seeding for CYO Postseason Basketball Tournaments.


The CYO Basketball Seeding Committee is a well balanced group of individuals from all parishes with a great deal of experience in all levels of basketball, but particularly in our CYO. The group’s only goal is to place teams in divisions according to skill level so that we can maximize the opportunity for teams to grow in faith and skill while having fun in the CYO experience!


What about 3rd and 4th grade teams, do you review their performance to create schedules even though there aren’t separate divisions?


Yes we do! Each year, special care is taken to review the 3rd and 4th grade levels and seek to provide regular season match-ups that best meet skill level. This means that for the most part, teams in the regular season were matched against opponents who had a similar records and point differentials in the preseason. We seek to avoid matching up teams on the extremes: no 3-0 teams are pitted against 0-3 teams, etc. Remember that this is an in-exact science, as there are a lot of variables in performance at this level that can differ from week to week or as different teams play each other. Competition is positive whether teams win or lose, but we do try to matchup teams in an effort to promote skill development that is fun and beneficial for the kids. Hopefully this provides a fun experience for the regular season.


Who schedules the games?


The Executive Director of CYO is primarily responsible for scheduling games, though he has help from the CYO Staff and Officials Coordinator in reviewing schedule drafts and creating the final schedule that is released to the public.


Why doesn’t my team have more games in our home gym?


One of the hottest schedule topics is always the number of home games a team gets. Candidly, this is also becoming the most difficult variable to accommodate as our leagues grow, schedule requests increase and gym availability decreases due to more parish activities. In order to be transparent about how we handle this, how about a look at the full process used when scheduling. The following is from our Executive Director:


I schedule each division individually, beginning with 3rd and 4th grades, then moving to 8th grade, 7th grade, 5th grade and 6th grade in that order. High School teams generally inhabit different gyms so that schedule is done separately. 3rd and 4th grade is done first due to the unique variables with those divisions. Gyms generally need these games first as the floor setup can be different than older games - particularly in 3rd grade where we currently have only 5 gyms with the required 9’ hoop. If you’re wondering why you have a bunch of 3rd grade games with teams outside your own parish, that’s why. I spread these out, but it’s unavoidable. In addition, these levels have the most crossover between multi-team coaches, so I work to separate these from the other divisions for that reason.

After those divisions are placed in the initial schedule draft, I schedule in the order above (8th, 7th, 5th, 6th) in order to give preference. This is done to give preference for home games to our older teams. 6th is scheduled last intentionally, with the idea being a team missing home games will have had them in past seasons and will get them in future seasons, making that hopefully more palatable when it’s impossible to schedule them a home game. With that said, at every level I begin by literally giving every team approx. half their games (3-4) at home. This inevitably creates conflicts, which is where priority comes in and I work to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. Even as schedule requests and gym availability dictate fluctuations in the number of home games, I still work to provide a bare minimum of 2 home games for 7/8th grades and 1 for 5/6th grades. I should note that no priority is given for parish, team, gender or level of play (i.e. 1A vs 5A). I do give preference to distance traveled for teams, trying to keep games as geographically close to a team’s home parish as possible (easier for some than others). Once a division is scheduled and all requests/variables accounted for, I can then see a running report of game locations for each team in each division. At this point, I review the match-ups, schedule, locations (home games) and even time allocation (AM vs PM games per team) before making more tweaks and moving on to the next division. In between drafts of the schedule, I also go back through each division one-by-one to double-check those same components.

By the time the final schedule has been published, it has been reviewed many times over in different formats (by gym, by division, by team) and by multiple people in order to assure it’s the best possible version and as balanced as possible. In terms of home games, the vast majority of teams will have more than one. Ultimately, it’s true that parishes with more teams and/or less availability will have less home games than those with less teams and/or more availability. Regardless, we do our best to balance this as much as possible. Where a team is scheduled and who they play have a big impact on how much fun the CYO experience is for a family; this is something we take very seriously and work hard to balance in order to provide the best possible experience for all families.


Why wasn’t my schedule request accommodated?


The vast majority of schedule requests submitted on-time to the CYO Office are accommodated. Unfortunately, this does not always mean we were able to accommodate your request. Due to the high volume of schedule requests, we give priority to any request that is a parish or school event affecting a team. Often, if your request was not accommodated, it is because of a request with higher priority that also came into play. Other times, it may be a result of gym availability or other variables that affect where and when teams play. We always do our best to accommodate requests for everyone, but with nearly 4,000 busy families involved in CYO, we realize this isn’t always going to be possible. If we weren’t able to accommodate your request, we do apologize!


We have a conflict that just came up, can we change game times?


Once the season schedule is released, the only changes that will be made are for unforeseen parish or school events that must be accommodated per our agreement with those parties. For a variety of reasons, we cannot accept other requests for changes during the season.

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