Champion of Virtue Award

Beginning in Fall 2012, a new tradition will begin in CYO that will recognize children in each game who exemplify Catholic virtue and the tenants of the Play Like a Champion approach. The “Champion of Virtue Award” will be given to a child from each team after every CYO contest. The information below outlines the implementation of this award and the criteria that officials will be looking for in recipients.




Beginning with volleyball and football seasons, each gymnasium and field will be provided with a supply of (blank) “Champion of Virtue Award” certificates, to go along with your score sheets and play count forms. These should be kept at the scorer’s table or with the field supervisor when CYO games are taking place in the facility. After the game, coaches will be able to take a certificate to award at the team’s next practice. This gives coaches an opportunity to expand upon the characteristics that merited the award and encourage similar virtue throughout the team.




The intent of this award is to recognize CYO participants who exemplify the spirit of CYO sports through demonstration of Catholic virtue and sportsmanship values consistent with the Play Like a Champion approach.  As such, officials, supervisors or coaches shall use the following criteria as a guideline when selecting recipients:


  • The child shall demonstrate that he/she is a team player.

  • The child shall show respect at all times to officials, coaches and players.

  • The child appears to try his/her hardest during every play.

  • The child encourages others and supports his/her teammates.

  • The child demonstrates good sportsmanship in interactions with participants from opposing team.

  • The child demonstrates that he/she is a virtuous leader.

  • The child exemplifies the Catholic cardinal virtues by…

    • Demonstrating Fortitude (courage) in overcoming adversity to achieve goals

    • Seeking Justice through recognizing needs of others, being a selfless participant and working to facilitate and build healthy relationships with teammates and opponents during the contest,

    • Shows Prudence through leadership and ability to make appropriate and charitable decisions when required,

    • Demonstrates Temperance through an ability to put winning and losing in the proper perspective.

  • The child demonstrates that he/she is working to improve skills regardless of ability

  • The child plays the game with an attitude that reflects a true joy.

  • The child makes a display of charity toward either teammates or opponents.

  • The child exemplifies the CYO mission and the Play Like a Champion approach through his/her actions and attitude during the contest.


The observation of one or more of these criteria or related criteria in a participant shall make them worthy of consideration for award. There is no maximum to the number of times a child may receive award.

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